Queer Life Drawing Conversation is an art event lead by Artist, Miles Coote and is run weekly on Zoom, on Wednesdays at 7pm.

You can register for Queer Life Drawing on Eventbrite via the link:

The event is FREE to join. All TIPS and donations will help the project to continue and will be shared with guest models and the host.

The event developed from a collaboration with Alun Davies in May 2020. Alun’s project, WERK and and Miles’ project, BBMuseum were introduced together to create on an online queer life drawing and conversations event. Alun and Miles posed each week, with readings, objects and discussions: opening up for the audience to pose and to discuss queer bodies in relation to nudity online. We facilitated the event on Zoom video platform, where Miles continues to lead the event.

If you have attended the event before and wish to give feedback, this would be gratefully appreciated. All feedback will be considered to improve future events.